Signature services and expectations
Signature has an exemplary reputation in the Bay Area hospitality industry. We understand that discerning clients expect to be catered to in a manner conforming with their lifestyle, so each and every service provided by Signature reflects that. If, for any reason, we fail to live up to the expectation of any guest, we want to hear about it. We are equally ambitious about responding to individual needs and special requests.

With our own staff of vehicle detailers and a strict vehicle maintenance program,
Signature ensures that each vehicle in our fleet keeps a clean and "new" appearance. In addition to the scheduled checks and tune-ups, our drivers turn in reports noting any problems with a vehicle, which are then repaired immediately.

Our Chauffeurs are carefully selected for these primary qualities, all are naturally Licensed by the London Public Carriage Office which means they meet the required standards of fitness for the job and undergo full background checks with the criminal records bureau etc., most people are surprised by the interesting backgrounds our chauffeurs have, many have at least a Bachelor degree under their belt and have lived interesting lives prior to becoming Chauffeurs

Signature chauffeur’s telephones are answered 24 hours a day. We also use fax equipment and a computer reservations system Text and email to receive orders from our clients.
Signature can generate invoicing on either a monthly or semi-monthly basis or by individual service.


When you book a chauffeured car with
Signature you will receive an emailed / texted confirmation of your order this correspondence you will be provided with the chauffeurs details Name / Direct Mobile Number / Vehicle Type Colour and Registration.
We always greet the client in a courteous and civil manner, assist them with their luggage and always open and close doors as appropriate. We are willing and able to help the passengers with any tasks that might make their day easier.

Your chauffeur will have a thorough knowledge of the locations of the financial institutions and fund management companies that you will be visiting, your chauffeur will assist you in any way possible to make your day go smoothly and hassle free.


We reserve the right to invoice the client with a 50% charge unless cancellation has been received two hours prior to the dispatch of the vehicle or a minimum of two hours.
• Unless otherwise instructed by the client, the driver will in his opinion take the most convenient route, whether this is the shortest or not. No allowance will be made to the hirer if this is not the shortest route.